L. B. Monroe
Lewis Baxter Monroe was the founding dean of the Boston School of Oratory at Boston University in 1873. He produced a Primer and series of graded Readers with many charts illustrating the positions of the tongue, teeth, and lips during articulation of various speech sounds.

After his death, his wife, known as Mrs. L.B.Monroe, published an influential short manual How to Teach Reading: To Accompany Monroe's Primary Reading Charts and Monroe's New Primer.

In 1887, she wrote...

These charts can be used by the word method or by the phonic method. We expressly recommend the latter, for it makes the children self-reliant from the outset. Grammar-school teachers have found that children who have been taught by the "word method" are not apt to be good scholars in arithmetic. The reason is obvious; they have formed the habit of depending on others in learning to read, instead of finding out the words for themselves.